Presenter Instructions

These are instructions for physically present presenters. We will update the instructions to cover also on-line presentations soon.

Instructions for Paper Presenters

Each paper presentation room will have an LCD projector (standard 3x4 aspect ratio) with VGA and HDMI inputs (or VGA->HDMI adapters). Presenters have to bring their own laptop to connect to the projector.

Presenters should arrive at their session early, introduce themselves to the session chair, and verify that their presentation displays correctly. Each presentation is scheduled for 25 minutes, with 20 minutes for speaking and 5 minutes for questions. Session chairs will monitor the time and keep the sessions strictly on schedule.

The following link provides guidance on giving a presentation:

Instructions for Poster Presenters

The Poster Session is usually held in the morning of the first day of the conference.

Please follow these instructions for preparing your posters.

  • Time and location of the poster session is posted in the conference program.

  • Please note that FLAIRS personnel will check in periodically, but will not be present in this space continuously during setup times. If issues arise, please contact FLAIRS staff at the registration desk, or leave a message with hotel staff to the attention of FLAIRS personnel.

  • Each poster presenter will be provided with a poster board, 4 feet wide by 3 feet high - just like this. Clips will be available to attach your poster to the board prior to the poster session. If you have any needs beyond this, please email the conference General Chair.

  • Poster presenters are expected to have their posters displayed by the beginning of the session and to be available to discuss their poster for the duration of the session.

After the Poster Session

  • If you want to keep your poster, you must take it with you, either at the end of the poster session or before the end of the conference. You cannot take the poster boards with you.

The following links provide guidance on preparing a poster: